1st STATUS Workshop in Temerin

The first STATUS workshop was held in the offices of the Agency for the development of Temerin Municipality, between 21 - 23 November 2013.

The aim of the first day of the workshop was to familiarise the stakeholders with the overall aims of the STATUS project, to introduce to the summoned representatives of stakeholders the work that has been done during the previous months in the project, to present them the workshop methodology and the workshop agenda and to open a discussion about the work that needs to be done in the coming days, weeks and months. The second and third days of the workshop were more focused.

The participants were divided into thematic groups - workgroups - and began working out and discussing the issues that are specific for the narrower areas of natural environment, mobility and accessibility, business environment etc. The first STATUS workshop in Temerin was concluded with the common conclusion that the participative process is promising, creative, fun and stimulating. The participants agreed that more work needs to be done in preparing the second workshop and that we have to include more stakeholders in the process.

1st STATUS Workshop in Baia Mare

Between 25th - 27th November, the Metropolitan Area of Baia Mare (ZMBM) hosted the 1st workshop on the STATUS Project in Baia Mare, Romania, with the participation of Urbasofia, Eurodite and a number of experts on behalf of whom we mention Dr. Pietro Elisei (Content Manager for STATUS project, town and regional planner), Arh. Simona Monica Pascariu (workshop facilitator and moderator, urban planner) and Paul Pece (delegate administrator for ZMBM).

Plenary discussions rounded up on the actual status of the STATUS project and the dysfunctionalities met by the ZMBM municipalities (day 1), together with the local stakeholders represented by Public Institutions / Public Utility Services (day 2) and Business Sector / SMEs (day 3), in coming up with coherent practical strategies and solutions for a metropolitan strategic agenda. Start-up of the local working groups proved in efficient / effective communication and active willingness for which we could proudly report on.

Reference in the local press can be found under http://www.emaramures.ro/Video-Maramures/16859/VIDEO-LANSARE-PROIECT-Zona-Metropolitana-Baia-Mare-partener-intr-un-proiect-care-vizeaza-dezvoltarea-oraselor-din-zona-de-sud-est-a-Europei and http://www.emaramures.ro/Stiri/Tipareste-Stire.aspx?NewsID=90632.

The complete report of the event is available here.

1st STATUS Workshop in Herceg Novi

Municipality of Herceg Novi held the first workshop as part of the project STATUS in the period of 19-21 november 2013.

In accordance with the topics of development of tourism and infrastructure in the Municipality of Herceg Novi agenda of the workshop was designed, in which selected participants could contribute by determing a current status as a basis for further planning activities. The Workshop was organized as a combination of the plenary discussions within which al the attendees participated, and the thematic working groups which were developed around the specific issues .Our team is very satisfied with the response of stakeholders and individual participation and demonstrated interest in the selected topics.

Preparatory STATUS Workshop meeting in Kavala

The 8th of October 2013 the first meeting of the STATUS project on local planning process has been done in Kavala, Greece.
The aim of this meeting was dual, i.e., to introduce the future workshop objectives & the workshop agenda and to open a discussion with the stakeholders’ interested in the participation to the workshop.

The agenda of the meeting is available here

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